The Border Coalition

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The Treaty of the Border Coalition

 between Communism Interstellar, Mercs of Mikunn and The Winged Hussars.


The contracting parties reaffirm their desire for the creation of a collective security system in the Frontier systems, based on the participation of all the Signatories. This system allows the Signatories to combine their efforts in the interest of security, peace, faction development and colonisation of the galaxy.

The sides are ready to combine their efforts regardless of their individual factional governing system and ideology.

In the interests of further strengthening and promoting friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance, the sides agree to coexist in accordance with the principles of respecting their independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, as well as with the principle of non-interference in their internal affairs.

In the light of the above the contracting parties agree to this Treaty of the Border Coalition.

Article 1

The contracting parties shall take council between themselves on all important matters relating to their common interests, guided by the principles of strengthening interstellar peace and security. They shall take council among themselves immediately, whenever – in the opinion of any of them – there has arisen the threat of an attack on one or several parties that are signatories of this Treaty, in the interests of organising their joint defence and of upholding peace and security.

Article 2

The contracting parties agree that an attack against one or more of them shall be considered an attack against them all and as a consequence they agree that, if such an attack occurs, each of them shall provide assistance to the attacked side or sides if possible. Such assistance will exercise any immediate actions they deem necessary, including the use of armed force, in order to restore and maintain security of their territory.

Article 3

The contracting parties declare that none of the individual agreements currently in effect between any of the Signatories or any other faction is in conflict with the provisions of this Treaty of the Border Coalition. The contracting parties declare not to enter into any engagement or treaty in the name of the Border Coalition, or any agreement that would be in violation of this Treaty of the Border Coalition without the knowledge and approval of the other Signatories. Moreover, the parties declare to inform other Signatories about any agreements between their faction and other entities.

Article 4

The contracting parties declare that they shall act in the spirit of friendship and cooperation with the object of developing and strengthening their defensive relations and fulfilling the goal of colonizing the uninhabited systems, adhering to the principles of mutual respect for their independence, sovereignty and non-interference in their internal affairs.

Article 5

The contracting parties hereby establish a Coalition Forum, on which each of them is represented, to consider matters concerning the implementation of this Treaty of the Border Coalition. The Coalition Forum shall be organized in such a way that every Signatory has the right to equal access to information and has equal right to influence the decision-making process in all cases.

Article 6

All disputes and disagreements between the Signatories of this Treaty of the Border Coalition shall be settled at the Coalition Forum, set up under Article 5. When resolving a dispute, all Signatories have the right to attend and the decision on the resolution of the dispute shall be undertaken jointly.

Article 7

At the same time the Security Council of the Border Coalition is appointed, which acts as the highest decision-making organ of the Border Coalition. Security Council is composed of the Founding and permanent members.

The Founding members are: Communism Interstellar, Mercs of Mikunn and The Winged Hussars.

Permanent members are all the other signatories of this Treaty unanimously chosen by The Founding members.

Any important decisions made by the Security Council of the Border Coalition must be approved unanimously by the Founding members and with a majority vote of the permanent members.

Article 8

The contracting parties may, by unanimous agreement of the Founding members, invite any other faction to accede to this Treaty of the Border Coalition, provided such faction is in a position to further the principles of this Treaty. In a recognition of the contributions to the development of the Coalition the Founding Members may, unanimously, appoint faction with permanent membership.

Article 9

This Treaty of the Border Coalition enters into force upon signing by all the Founding Members. The agreement is signed for an indefinite period. The agreement can be terminated by any side with an advance notice of three weeks.

Article 10

The text of this Treaty of the Border Coalition, of which the English and Polish versions are consistent and equal, shall remain deposited in the archives of the Security Council of the Border Coalition. Copies of this treaty shall be transmitted by the Council to the leaders of the signatory factions.

In witness whereof the representatives of Communism Interstellar, Mercs of Mikunn and The Winged Hussars have signed this Treaty.

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