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Member of BC or seeking diplomatic relations?
So I take it we have more than the visitors hall in here? I thought for a while the forum was just too young. Well as a member of CI, I would like to get access to its core to coordinate projects etc.

CMDR Vivien Gemai
You have the full status of comrade now
Hi Jane could you also add me. Looking forward to heading back to occupied space very soon with for a massive data dump.
Thank you for performing

cmdr [Cornholio] TWH ;>
Hello, I have joined up at the behest of Jane Turner (CI) and am a green Ambassador from the Paladin Consortium.  Pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can build a lasting friendship between our Factions.

[Image: bZlN0tx.jpg]
Fly safe, commanders, and see you in the stars!
Hello and welcome. As I mentioned we have a slightly tricky situation just now - where we have only one admin for the forum who is currently not reachable. Once that is sorted we can open up a special Embassy room for you, in case you want to say anything controversial. As soon as that changes we'll let you know. In the interim - please feel free to use the public part of the forum.
The is CMDR Rambö of the Justicars of Helios. We are looking to join/become allied with the Border Coalition.
ReadingRambo. So 1st some light reading


The deal is if you can agree in principle to that, you can become non-permanent members more or less instantly. Becoming a permanent member (requires a getting to know you period and then a vote from founding and permanent members. Being an ally is even easier Smile

Come over and chat to everyone on discord if you like

Hello all. 

The commanders of the As One Cooperative (AOC) of Mauninovit are seeking a mutual defensive alliance with the Border Coalition.

Whom should I contact?
Thank you for performing
Hey Comrade

Have a read of the the treaty - and see if you can agree to what is in it.

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