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Member of BC or seeking diplomatic relations?
Precentor Martial Vandal Stormovik

Get in touch with me via Discord. Sacra Oculus (also a Theology) is always interested in discussions.
Hail to the success of the Coalition, long may it flourish.

I first became part of the Coalition as a Merc of Mikunn, and have fought several battles as a Coalition Cmdr, most notably at Chireni and Wadir.  I have also assisted with many of the Dukes of Mikunn expansions, and continue to be allied to the faction even though no longer a Merc.

I seek recognition for the Barons of Rianik, a faction I have promoted for over a year and which currently holds all the stations in the system of Kunggari, and some lesser systems.  The Barons also sponsor other feudal factions within the region, where this does not conflict with wider interests.

Naturally my assistance and that of my faction, slight as it is, will be at the disposal of the Coalition and its leaders.

Baron O'Ferrall
Lord of Rianik
Application accepted ? Is there someone living out here ?

This forum is fucking bugged :

There are 2 kinds of ppl in the universe to me :

1) those who talk alot and perform little
2) those who talk little and perform alot

I made my choice.

OK Sirs - i will propose you for membership
Many thanks :-)
Greetings. I'm Solar, from Far Bound Enterprises. I come representing my group via a suggestion from Jane.

Far Bound has been looking for recognition by the Coalition and possibly membership.

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