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How would you like a "Tiberius" ship AI for Elite?
Needed to stop by here to forward a message....

Due to the popularity of the Tiberius voice I thought people would enjoy it if we made an AI (voice attack profile) based off of Tiberius's personality back when he used to help pilot a Majestic class Interdictor.

I talked to Locke about it the other day and he expressed great interest. This is me passing on the message and I need to do it now because I would like it to be complete before the Danger Games. Imagine it, having Tiberius helping control your ship during the competition! Unfortunately we are going to need some help. He just got back to me and gave me the all clear to make it free (he will just take donations). I was going to work on the profile with him but neither of us have the time.

Jane, Mathias.... Scrounge through your communities and form a team who are familiar with voice attack to make the profile. When I get back from exams I will begin writing his responses off of the commands needed that you identify.

Create a team
Create a profile
Make a list of things I need to write responses to

We will probably need at least three to two weeks to create the audio and add it in. So that means I need the profile created and a list of what I need to write responses for soon. You get me these things, I will get you in-character audio. Make the profile as extensive as possible.

Voice Attack profile free to the public. This is a GREAT opportunity for good exposure while creating something positive for the community... and that is exactly what we are here for.

Examples of voice attack:

Free Voice Attack

Another Voice Attack Pack:

Everyone else.... I thought it would be useful to us if you had any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, or advice.
For those who do not know what the voice sounds like:

It's a great idea. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with voice attack and I can't be much of a help with this matter.
[Image: DAmYowA.png]
Hi this sounds awesome. If no one has time for a full voice pack maybe something smaller like an addon that plays random broadcasts from Tiberius? Every so often you get rousing speeches.

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