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Event Proposal - Canyon Race
Just kicking around ideas for a Canyon race in the truly astounding Canyon Planets of Millcayac.

[Best current thinking-for improvement]
I am thinking a single race in the 3km keep ice canyons.  Freestyle from point A to B. The winner taking whatever the winning ship can carry in Painite.  We may be able to run multiple heats - and in the unlikely event that a Cutter wins, we will issue an IOU.

If we get many contestants, the canyons are deep enough for multiple tiers.

Contestants will have to balance speed with turning and cargo capacity.  No weapons allowed, but it will be contact sport....

Time: 9pm on a Saturday - in 3 weeks?
Oh yes!!!!!!!!
Ooh, this will be interesting. I hope I can make it, but my wife's birthday may supersede this event. Can you put it on the site calendar?
Still working one out - but lets avoid your wife's birthday!
We are thinking of making it a reverse steeplechase - with checkpoints to get under!
This is the sort of Canyon we are thinking of

[Image: Screenshot%2B2016-04-27%2B21.09.04.jpg]

Its 6km deep

[Image: Screenshot%2B2016-04-27%2B21.31.29.jpg]

Note to self, don't use a python

and there is plenty of choice

[Image: Screenshot%2B2016-04-27%2B21.45.45.jpg]
Type 9 only race.
Oh, don't work around me.  Weekends tend to be bad for me.

Here's my attempt at a canyon run, which may not have been a good idea 4000 ly from the bubble. Skip to 9 minutes. This was a video to showcase Elite: Dangerous to people interested in VR, so a lot of it will be old-hat to regular ED players.

Nice video, but a tiny canyon.... Tongue

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