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Elite Dangerous Club
Big Grin 

I am the founder of The Elite Dangerous Club, was asked for my help to get more commanders on board, by Walt Kerman...

We have over 1800 commanders joined to our little club, and I would like to welcome you all to join us on our Elite Dangerous Club Page. You can also check out our website.

The more of you talking about this in our club, the more commanders you can get to join you, I like the idea of having our own little sphere on the outer rim, sounds very interesting indeed.

Looking forward to enjoying some wing time with you all. 

In game I am known as Commander Kira Ryder, feel free to add me.

And thank you Walt for the invite.

Carry on Commanders!
Join our CLUB™ today commanders!
Welcome. Lovely to meet you.
Hello Kira Ryder, I just send request at ED, hope to see you one day
You should set up a diplomatic forum for these guys.

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