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Lore - The Frontier
(2016-05-07, 08:08 PM)Miko_Stargazer Wrote: ...but my interests are geared towards building lore rather than supporting a particular faction.

You should get in touch with CMDR Doom_Days, who is creating the lore of the Frontier Worlds right now (:
(2016-05-08, 08:49 AM)Fenyl Wrote:
(2016-05-07, 08:08 PM)Miko_Stargazer Wrote: ...but my interests are geared towards building lore rather than supporting a particular faction.

You should get in touch with CMDR Doom_Days, who is creating the lore of the Frontier Worlds right now (:

Oh my, I hope I'm not duplicating his work. Big Grin Glad to see someone else is trying to compile the lore.
I spoke with Doom_Days on the frontier forum.  He's focused on lore for the Winged Hussars systems and nearby ones.  Still a lot of room for lore in other locations.
Yeah Doom_days is creating lore for The Frontier systems. It's pretty much done AFAIK. We'll present an English translation as soon as it's done!

P.S. I've split the posts related to the lore discussion so that we have a separate thread for it Smile

[Image: P0Rmtnd.png]
One thing that should happen Lore-wise, is to set up an IC reason for the BC becoming a power. The idea of the Pilot's Federation 'granting' power status seems ridiculous to me and I'm imagining we'd want a story of political negotiations and pronouncements. If we can integrate the CG's into that story, all the better.
I agree but Frontier told me that the pilots federation was hosting the games. We still would be a power, but just the current ten are "recognized" by the pilots federation.
That's an interesting distinction, and I'm obviously ignorant of a lot of the larger lore because I don't really understand the scope of what the Pilots Federation is. I've assumed it's mostly a space DMV, but it seems like they have a lot of clout.

Though now that I think of it, playing this straight and having a very literal set of 'games' hosted by the pilot fed would be fascinating too. It could run like a shonen anime tournament. Basically Yakitate Japan but with spaceships instead of bread.
Alright, I have something for my fellow lore-nerds to discuss: I have a tentative idea of the past 300 years in the bubble and what it means for the frontier.

In short, I think that the bubble was significantly more populous and prosperous before the Thargoid invasion. The resulting collapse in trade (the Thargoids decimated interstellar travellers, and seeing as many ships are centuries-old designs I suspect a lot of the surviving ships are still in service today) dissolution of GalCop (leaving the majority of human space without protection or investment) and resurgent cold war between the Empire and Federation (resources were spent on military concerns, intrigue and proxy-wars rather than rebuilding) meant that while the inner bubble is largely back to the way it was before the invasion, for the past three centuries colonization and economic growth have basically been standing still.

This would explain *a lot* about what we know of the history of the bubble. BGS factions are linked via trade to one another in clusters rather than a giant web because the ships that used to traverse those routes were destroyed and never rebuilt. The Alliance was able to form because the Federation and Empire were to starved for resources to be expanding into independent space and preparing for war at the same time. The Frontier was devastated, and never managed to break the cycle of poverty after that.

From this central assumption, I can write up a more comprehensive explanation for the present state of the frontier worlds. Does anyone have any disagreements with this premise?
I think the Thargoid invasion can definitely inform how things look in the frontier, but I'm concerned that declaring the thargoid invasion caused a huge collapse of galactic structure might paint with too broad a brush.  I don't know if such a collapse is supported based on the larger canon.  All I've done so far is glance at the ED wiki timeline, but it included this reference:

- Thargoid invasion halted by INRA's introduction of a Mycoid virus into the Thargoids' living machinery. Thargoids vanish from human space entirely and Humanity begins a period of re-colonization and revitalization.

There are some references to new ships being designed post-invasion as well.  I mostly just want to be cautious because if our Lore says the whole bubble went through a Dark Ages after the invasion and that event isn't evident anywhere else it will be problematic.

That being said, there is definitely more room for research.  I'm going to see if I can find a Let's Play of Frontier: First Encounters, which as far as I can tell takes place after the invasion but also involves the Thargoids, and takes place the closest to the Elite: Dangerous timeline.  Comparing the state of the galaxy in that game can help inform how things are now.  Even better if there are relatively similar stars but I'm guessing that's wishful thinking. I've also found a site that has a bunch of official canon from the previous games, http://www.dream-ware.co.uk/ and I'm going to start reading through the short stories and journals here, which will help get a better sense of things.
Im gald you guys are getting interested, in the lore particularly. =)

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