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What is your favourite ship?
No poll! Just answer in the thread, for fun, nothing else Smile

My fav ship is Python so far I think. It used to be Vulture, but since I bought Python couple of weeks ago, I fell in love. What a vessel! I only use it for trading, as I can't afford to kit it out for combat, but it's such a great ship! Love it!

[Image: P0Rmtnd.png]
The Diamondback Scout - it's got it all: speed, power, manoeuvrability, and four utility mounts.
I've tried to give some love to the Python but I can't stand his cockpit, this asymmetric canopy mainly. I'm now a fan of combat and I realy like the FDL. His maneuverability, fire power, shields, heat resistance. And in my opinion it looks realy cool Big Grin and in default we get paintjob in same colors as in polish flag Wink.
[Image: DAmYowA.png]
Now - Cobra Mk3
Beta 2.1 - Imperial Eagle

I've also got a Corvette, FDL, FAS, Courier, but they are not my favourite ones.
[Image: 19600.png]
Another Cobra devotee here. I probably use my python more, but it feels like I am working when flying it. I fly the cobra for pleasure. I love it for the same reason that most people who don't like it, don't like it. I love the way it drifts and slews about. Its like driving an old rear wheel-drive European sports car. It pays you back for throwing it about with interesting creaking and exotic moves. I can't use fixed weapons on one because I am almost never flying without some degree of drift, and that is before I turn FA off

I also have a deep love for the T6... now don't laugh. Its based on the most fun I've had in the game, when there was an attempt to expel us from Manite by another player group, backed by one of the PvP groups. Running blockades in a T6 felt great.... the nah nah missed me was so much more enjoyable knowing you were flying a tin can.
(2016-05-15, 07:00 AM)Jane Turner Wrote: Its like driving an old rear wheel-drive European sports car.

By European you mean German, French, Italian, British, Swedish, Czech or any other? Smile
I meant not a modern Japanese one... I was thinking like one of these Italians
or british https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c...Europa.gif which I have had the pleasure of mistreating sorry driving.

Not driven any of these
but I expect its a similar experience

I think these


were front wheel drive (but I'd still love to try one)
The FAS, but recently i cant seem to get out of my A rated Python. She defends as well as the FAS attacks and I can haul for decent CRs.
since i love mining, my favourite is the pyton. nice little allrounder, i enjoyed the asp explorer and the cobra aswell but the python is way more wonderfull. even tho i miss my dropship coffee dispenser :/
Not absolutely sure yet but up to now I'm aiming for the Vulture.

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