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Why do you support The Border Coalition
Hey all, 

It's absolutely awesome to see so many great Commanders supporting The Border Coalition! Thanks for that, we really appreciate your help. We hope that we gave you lots of good information about us and a reason to support our case. But now I'd like to know more about YOU! Yes, you! Smile

So why do you support us, Commander? What is the reason, what's your motive, what makes you thing we're worth your support and effort to register on these forums?

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I like the lore, I like the benign relationship member groups seem to have with each other, and I especially like the fact that y'all go out of your way to try to push the game towards a more complete state instead of whining about it being not what you imagined on launch. Seriously, I've just been successfully brainwashed into Tiberius' rabid following, I think the Coalition will make space great again (something something build a wall make Delaine pay for it).

Fly safe,

Cmdr. Winston Jung, unaligned.
Is this thread for new joiners or can old members also reply here?
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Anyone can reply here Smile

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As an Outlying Colonist player group, Sacra Oculus supports the Border Coalition because their aim is to bring prosperity and exploration and colonisation to the forgotten worlds of the Outlying Colonies. Our system has no orbiting stations, just a single planetary refinery and is on the edge of inhabited space. It's like humanity just gave up on reaching for the stars and a group like the Border Coalition intends to ensure that the virtually abandoned and ignored colonies will once again have a place at the forefront of expansion and exploration and colonisation.
simple answer, like mindet ppl who want to keep their souls and dont want to be the puppets of some royal brat nor a corporate slave. working together to build a better future. tanking care of each other. as soon i found your coordinates i will be on my way. until then cmdrs
 - one tough saltminer - 
It will be great to have you on board.
I also believe in freedom to work together to support each other and support Elite Dangerous which has met my every expectation. The frontier team have done nothing short of a miracle with this game. For many of us it has become more a way of life than a game.

I have only just started playing as I didn't have a PC until recently but I have followed the game since inception. 

I also believe the border worlds should be looked after and where necessary and there freedom  protected.

I'm hope to see you out there soon Commanders and fly safe!

John walsh
See you out there commander!
I am here because I fly as an independent trucker and explorer who has worked up from a Sidewinder by my own hand. I am here looking for a home in the black that is free from the cold grip of the corporations, and among like minded brothers and sisters.

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